Beautiful Low Growing Shrubs for Front of House

Low growing shrubs for front of house – If you’re considering landscaping the front of your house, it is possible that you are looking for low growing shrubs.

They are advantageous for a variety of reasons like the less need for pruning, not overcrowding the area, and keeping that front area of the home clean while also increasing curb appeal.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t want your plants to get out of hand or require constant pruning.

Nobody wants to spend all day pruning invasive plants or trimming shrubs.

It is also important to be aware of your roots and make sure you’re using plants that won’t affect your sidewalks or foundations.

As always, make sure to be sure to check your zones of planting to find out what’s suitable for your climate.

Low growing shrubs are great to improve curb appeal.

This is the very first thing about your home that visitors will get to.

If you pick plants that require regular pruning or attention there’s a chance it could turn into a chore that you overlook.

Low Growing Shrubs for Front of House

Here are some low growing shrubs for the front of house that we recommend for you to choose.

Creeping Thyme


The first low growing shrubs for front of house that we recommend to you is creeping thyme.

The shrub’s low growth can provide you with a bouquet of tiny purple or white blooms towards the end of spring.

This growing thyme grows well and is a great choice for full sun.

It is also tolerant of temperatures that are cold and grows in poor soil and after it has established itself it thrives in dry conditions.

It is possible to trim leaves to use in your kitchen!

Purple Sage

Both the leaves and flowers can be eaten by the plant.

The plant will grow to around 1 meter in height and then reach a height of around 80cm.

If you trim the plant after it has bloomed, it will remain bushier.

You can grow more plants by cutting them to propagate them.

Nandina Domestica Firepower

low growing shrubs for front of house

The plant can thrive in partial shade or in the sun and is most attractive when it is planted in a grouping alongside other species.

The leaves change to brilliant red and bright copper during the autumn, and in mid-summer, it blossoms small white flowers.

This plant is not averse to the type of soil and can also be frost-hardy in cold temperatures for prolonged periods of time.

Creeping Juniper

It plants is among those you can pop in and forget about.

It is tough once planted and can be found in various forms and sizes.

The creeping branches create an unweeded mat.

Once the plant is established, it will withstand dry conditions.


low growing shrubs for front of house

It’s possible that you thought it was only for gardens for cooking, but it is a fantastic ground cover plant.

It grows into dense clumps leaves with a wonderful scent.

Oregano is a small flower in the summer and is a fan of full sun.

You can slice it to cook with or store it at a height that you enjoy.

Low Maintenance Shrubs for Front of House

Apart from low growing shrubs for the front of your house, you can also choose low maintenance shrubs for landscaping the front of your house.

Franklin’s Gem Boxwood

low growing shrubs for front of house

Boxwood is the most popular of evergreens!

These shrubs are low-maintenance, provide year-round color, are deer-resistant, disease and insect-resistant, and grow in a number of different shapes and sizes.

Franklin’s Gem is among the top Boxwood in a variety of.

It grows low-growing, usually in a round form and it only grows to about 2 feet in height.

If it is cut back, Franklin’s Gem Boxwood gives a refined formal appearance to any garden

Magic Carpet Spirea

Magic Carpet Spirea is an ideal choice to add the curb appeal to your home.

The new leaves are red and will mature to a vivid gold color.

In beds that have black mulch, they really stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

The beautiful foliage is one of the main reasons enough to incorporate this plant enough to be included in your landscaping.

You can also enjoy the bonus of the pink flowers that bloom in the springtime.

Its height is only 18 inches in height 24” tall Magic Carpet Spirea measures 24 inches tall.

It is guaranteed to sparkle in your yard.

Dwarf Norway Spruce


Gullo’s professional Landscaping 3D designer Tony Gullo is particularly fond of using them in his designs.

“They develop in the form of nice round shape, but do not get too large”.

I love using these as an ornamental piece on the bed’s front.

They aren’t a problem at all or they’re a tough tree” claims Gullo.

At 2′-3′ in size, they grow slowly.

Norway Spruce is a great evergreen is a great option for color and interest.

Pink Elf French Hydrangea

This hydrangea that is small is a fantastic option to add shade to dark areas.

At just 18” in height, it’s small dimensions.

It gives a neat, tidy appearance.

The beautiful, pink-colored, rose mophead flowers last a long time and are gorgeous.

Because of its small size, pink Elf French Hydrangea requires less pruning and maintenance than other varieties of hydrangea.

Great for use as cut flowers too!

Midnight Wine Weigela


This is one of Gullo’s Pro Landscaping’s most popular plants to be used in the bed’s front.

It is only 10”-12 inches in height and is therefore suitable for small spaces.

It won’t hinder or hide plants that are extremely hardy and provides the garden with all-year-round interest.

Its deep burgundy-colored foliage is stunning by itself, but the main event happens in the springtime when gorgeous pink flowers are adorned and are a perfect contrast to the dark leaves.

It also requires little or no pruning and is a fantastic low-maintenance alternative.

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