5 Easy Ways to Plant and Care Daisy Yellow

daisy yellow

The bright yellow color, cute soft petals with a dark yellow center are the reasons why you need to grow daisy yellow in your home.

This will add joy to your home.

No need to hesitate because this yellow daisy has an easy planting method and is completely maintenance-free.

Another good thing about growing these beautiful flowers is that they can survive neglected periods of drought.

In essence, the yellow daisy is the perfect choice for you if you want to decorate your garden.

General Information About Daisy Yellow

daisy yellow
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Daisy yellow is a flowering plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family which is thought to have originated from China.

This plant has stacked flowers with beautiful petals which at first glance look similar to paper flowers.

Each flower usually has its own meaning.

Likewise, the yellow daisy symbolizes friendship and happiness.

For that, daisy yellow can be offered to your best friends or just a decoration that can bring positive energy to your household.

With proper care, the yellow daisy can grow to 40 inches, with 7-inch leaves growing at the base, and will grow coarse hairs.

Daisy yellow usually grows in clusters about 3 inches in size.

How To Grow Daisy Yellow

daisy yellow
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As mentioned earlier, the yellow daisy is the easiest plant to grow and maintenance-free.

Growing a yellow daisy does not require any special skills.

Here are the steps you can follow to plant a yellow daisy.

1. Choose Your Plants

daisy yellow
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When planting daisy yellows, choose healthy-looking plants with lots of greenery.

The characteristics of a healthy yellow daisy are that it has a distinctive dome shape with many stems and flower stalks.

Before starting to plant it, you should first trim the plant.

Remove dead flower parts or thin the stem if the plant has a dead flower head with a woody stem in the center.

2. Choose Planting Time

After getting plants of  good quality, the next step is to choose a planting time.

For yellow daisies grown from fully formed flowers, it is best to plant them in early spring.

Plant carefully.

3. Prepare the Planting Media

Even though it has low maintenance, it doesn’t mean you can be careless in planting it.

Daisy yellows are also adaptable so they can grow in almost any type of soil.

We recommend that you use the best growing media so that your yellow daisy can grow and develop well.

Daisy yellow likes well-drained, well-drained soil.

Loose soil mixed with a few inches of fertilizer is the perfect type for growing this plant.

4. Make a Hole in the Ground

Make a hole large enough to receive your plant, then place the plant in it.

Try to make the hole no less than twice as large and wider than the root system.

After that, cover the rest of the hole with soil firmly.

Continue to water around the soil well, meaning that it is not too wet so that root rot does not occur.

We recommend adding some fertilizer to nourish your plants.

5. Transplant or Plant in Pot

daisy yellow
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If you want to grow your plants in pots, you can start with a new plant or take a plant that you previously planted (transplant).

Not much different, all you need to do is prepare a good pot with drainage holes at the bottom.

This hole is very important, namely to remove excess water so as to prevent root rot caused by water that does not flow properly.

Prepare a good soil mix with 50/50 peat and perlite or well-decomposed garden compost.

Continue by removing the plant from its previous place into a new pot that has been filled with the soil mixture that was made earlier.

Pat it down until the soil feels firm enough, and water the soil in the potting area well.

Place the pot in a bright area to help it grow.

Choose a bright area that has at least bright light or indirect sunlight.

You can also apply this method when repotting.

Repotting is done when the pot used is small or the plant has grown large to a big pots.

Generally, the plant will show signs such as drooping leaves with low flowering rates.

Daisy Yellow Care

daisy yellow
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Daisy yellow doesn’t require much care to thrive.

They only need to be supported by providing about 6 to 8 hours of sun exposure.

Adjust the sun exposure to the area where you live.

If you live in an area with very hot summers, 6 hours of sun exposure is enough to support their growth.

Or you can outsmart them by planting them in the passive shade.

Meanwhile, if you live in a light area, you should avoid planting them in the shade.

Make sure your plants get enough water especially in summer to keep them moist.

Always make sure your plants are protected from pests and diseases.

Make cuts about an inch above the ground in the fall for signs of disease.

If there are signs of disease, immediately keep it away from other plants so that the disease does not attack other plants.

Your daisy yellow will grow over time and with the right care.

We recommend transplanting every few years in the spring or fall so that the plant can continue to grow well.

Final Thoughts

daisy yellow

Growing daisy yellow is very easy.

They are not fussy and do not require much care to grow well.

You just have to make sure they get the right amount of water and give them some fertilizer to nourish them occasionally.

That way, you can see the yellow daisy that you have grown yourself for a long time to decorate your room or garden.

Make sure you have enough time to repot when they have grown large.

They will immediately replace the flowers that died due to lack of space.

One more advantage of growing a yellow daisy is that you can see it bloom all year round.

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