Cedar Hot Tub for Health – How to Build

cedar hot tub

Having a cedar hot tub at home is one element that can create a luxurious impression in your bathroom. Some people don’t really like the presence of a cedar hot tub in their bathroom for reasons that can narrow the size of the bathroom.

Even so, some people still want the existence of this cedar hot tub as a comfortable place for relaxation to soak for long. After a tiring day of activities, spending time in a cedar hot tub can help your body to unwind.

Why Use Cedar?

Why Use Cedar
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The choice of cedar itself is because this type of wood has many advantages compared to other types of wood.

Cedar is known for its tough construction and high resistance to attack by bacteria, fungi, and insects.

This is the main reason for using cedar for hot tubs.

In addition, here are some advantages of choosing cedar for making a hot tub for your bathroom.

Wood Color

The most noticeable advantage of cedarwood is its color.

Cedarwood has light brown and cream colors located on the heartwood while the sapwood is white in color.

There is also cedarwood which has a reddish-brown color like the color of teak that has just been felled.

Wood fiber

Another advantage of cedarwood is that it has wood fibers in the form of straight lines with black spots.

The fibers are vertical with often curved lines.

This makes cedar which has a rustic design will give a natural feel to your bathroom.

Coupled with the provision of minimal lighting will certainly give the impression of privacy in the bathroom and create a feeling of comfort.

Wood resin

This tree originating from the Mediterranean mountain region also has a fragrant aroma that is able to absorb moisture and odors due to its resin content.

The fragrant aroma it produces is also able to repel insects such as mosquitoes, ants, and flies.

In addition, the resin in cedar wood is also widely used as an ingredient for making aromatherapy or beauty.

The Advantages of Having a Cedar Hot Tub

The Advantages of Having a Cedar Hot Tub
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As previously mentioned, the use of a cedar hot tub can be a comfortable place of relaxation for you.

In addition, having a cedar hot tub in your bathroom can also provide several benefits for your health.

Can launch blood flow

When soaking in a cedar hot tub, the heart will beat a little faster so that blood flow throughout the body is smoother.

This smooth blood circulation not only boosts the immune system but also stabilizes the body so it doesn’t catch a cold easily

For women, this one reason might make them happy, when blood flow is smooth, it will nourish the skin so that the skin becomes healthier.

Can clean the skin

Besides being able to nourish the skin to be healthier, soaking in a cedar hot tub can open the skin pores so that dust and dirt can be lifted more easily.

Thus, the skin will be cleaner and fresher.

Helps reduce pain

If you often experience headaches, muscle and joint pain, soaking in a cedar hot tub can help reduce pain in your body.

Warm water in a cedar hot tub will smooth the work of blood vessels by making joints, tendons, tissues, and muscles more relaxed.

Being free from pain can certainly make you more comfortable in doing various activities.

Can improve sleep quality

Warm water can open blood vessels (vasodilation) and trigger the body to release endorphins, hormones that make you feel comfortable and happy.

Soaking in a cedar hot tub also helps boost our immune system, as well as helps avoid headaches, and helps with rest problems.

That’s why a warm bath, especially in the afternoon before resting, can soothe and improve sleep.

Can relieve colds

Soaking in a cedar hot tub can also allow you to inhale the vapors that can relieve breathing.

You can add a few drops of aromatherapy oil to your cedar hot tub to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

How to Build a Cedar Hot Tub

How to Build a Cedar Hot Tub
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Although there are many types of cedar hot tubs on the market, making your own will certainly make it more cost-effective.

In addition, there will be satisfied after doing it in your own way.

Here’s how you can follow to make your own cedar hot tub.

Before starting to make or assemble it, make sure you have purchased all the necessary equipment such as cedar boards, carpenter’s sticks, and so on.

How to assemble a hot tub

The first step is to cut the sticks by calculating the dimensions of each stick based on the size of the wood used and the circumference of your bath.

Use dado joints to attach the tub floor to reduce the inner circumference of your tub.

Next, install the joinery bead and cove with your own router and do this on each board four times.

If there is a lip in your joint, you can smooth the joint using a planer.

Use a dado joint to attach it to the floor, you can do this with the help of a table saw.

Then, build the floor by positioning the wood all over the floor with cedar.

Hook your hot tub with the wand using a die punch hammer to gently tap the wand in place.

Make sure that each joint is snug and tight.

To hold all parts of the tub together, you can use a 3/16” vinyl-coated cable that comes with two sets of clamps for each cable.

For maximum results, use a swivel buckle made of stainless steel at both ends.

If you want to make a Cedar Hot Tub in your backyard, you should mow the lawn with a best cordless lawn mower for better results.

How to install a pipe and wood stove

After everything is installed and a hot tub begins to form, the next step is to install benches and pipes.

For the bench itself, make it according to your needs.

Install the 90-degree pipe that comes out of the drain and then attach the proper fittings to properly attach the hose to the tub.

After that, do the filling of water into the tub.

To heat the bath, we used a submersible stove which is equipped with a 6′ stovepipe which allows the smoke to escape well above the face.

Once the wood stove is installed, you are ready to use it.

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