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late summer vegetables

Types of Late Summer Vegetables You Can Grow

The late summer vegetables harvest provides an extended second harvest that will provide your table with fresh produce throughout winter and fall. When you plant in late the month of July or August, you prolong the season of growth for plants that thrive in cooler fall temperatures and greater levels of moisture. By selecting cultivars...

jicama plant

Jicama Plant Nutritional Information and Growing Tips

If you have a taste for root vegetables, jicama plant is one of the healthiest plants you can grow. Although this plant is native to Mexico, it is becoming quite popular with gardeners all over the world as they are discovering its amazing flavor and health benefits. What Is a Jicama Plant? Jicama plant (Pachyrhizus...

hot pepper plant

Easy Steps to Growing Hot Pepper Plant

Before starting to grow hot pepper plant, it’s a good idea to choose the right type. You also need to know some tips to grow a hot pepper plant more optimally. Nightshade members of the family, Solanaceae, most cultivars are derived in Capsicum annuum an indigenous plant to Mexico. One of the best aspects of growing hot pepper...

culantro plant

Planting Culantro Plant and How to Use It in Cooking

A native of Mexico, the Culantro plant is an easy herb to grow. Besides being used as an herb, the Culantro plant is also often used as a spice in the many Caribbean, Latin American, and Asian cuisines. It has a strong aroma so it is often grouped as aromatic herbs. Get to know the...

cool season vegetables

Guide to Growing Cool Season Vegetables

Cool season vegetables will be the best choice for those of you who want to grow vegetables when the planting time has passed. Some of these vegetables will have content that is good for the body if planted properly. Find the right time to plant them and you will have a bountiful harvest. Types of...