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english thyme

How to Plant and Propagation of English Thyme

Planting English Thyme for your lawn can be a good choice. This plant has many benefits and comes with easy maintenance. English Thyme is a plant that is suitable for drought resistant landscaping. They will decorate your garden during the summer. Here’s a complete guide on how to grow English Thyme to how to care...

dracaena deremensis

Dracaena Deremensis Varieties and Care

Dracaena deremensis or corn plant is one type of ornamental plant that is currently popular. As the name suggests, this plant has leaves that resemble corn plants with blade-like leaves that can reach up to 2 feet in length. Generally, dracaena deremensis is grown indoors because it has the ability to absorb indoor toxins. This...

dieffenbachia maculate

Tips for Caring for Dieffenbachia Maculate

Dieffenbachia maculate or dumb cane is one of the popular ornamental plants that can give a lush appearance to your room. This plant which is also known as the happy leaf is a tropical plant that can live and thrive easily. Moderate light levels with humidity and warm room temperatures are a favorite for this...

deer resistant shrubs

10 Effective and Beautiful Deer Resistant Shrubs

Deer resistant shrubs are indispensable to protect your beautiful garden. You certainly don’t want the beautiful garden that you have cared for all this time to be destroyed overnight by deer? Apart from being able to keep your garden from being destroyed by deer, several types of deer resistant shrubs are also able to add...

closed terrarium plants

Choosing The Best Closed Terrarium Plants

Having closed terrarium plants for your home decoration can create a beautiful and charming room ecosystem. Besides having a beautiful appearance, they are also quite easy to set up and care for as long as you choose the right types of plants. Choosing the right closed terrarium plants can also affect how long they can...