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celosia care

Celosia Care to Grow Lush and Beautiful Flowers

Celosia care is very simple and easy, including planting. Flowers commonly called cockscombs are very easy to care for as long as they are planted in the right soil and exposed to sunlight. With the right care, Celosia will always give you its beauty. To find out what type of treatment is right for your...

boston fern

Growing Boston Fern Outside – Thing You Should Know

Boston fern outside – Lately leaf ornamental plants are popular. One of the most sought-after is the boston fern which has a unique leaf shape that resembles a fishbone. Boston fern is a type of fern that has the Latin name Nephrolepis Exaltata. This one plant is predicted to be the oldest plant in the...

blue pansy

All You Need to Know About Blue Pansy and How to Grow It

Blue pansy is one of the most popular types of flowers to plant in your yard. They can provide a pleasant atmosphere for your home. In addition to having a beautiful color, the reason why many people plant this type of flower is that planting and care are quite easy. You only need to know...

amerilla plant

Growing and Caring Your Amerilla Plant

Amerilia plant or known as amaryllis is one type of plant that has beautiful and beautiful flowers. The shape and better colors of the amerilla plant make many people interested in keeping it as an ornamental plant in their homes. Apart from the shape and color of the flowers that can add to the aesthetic...

agave plant care

Agave Plant Care for Optimal Growing Plants

Agave plant care you can do easily. It generally requires only a small amount of water once established and regular exposure to direct sunlight. Before doing the treatment, you also need to pay attention to how to plant an agave plant properly. We will discuss some other things in agave plant care in this article....