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daisy yellow

5 Easy Ways to Plant and Care Daisy Yellow

The bright yellow color, cute soft petals with a dark yellow center are the reasons why you need to grow daisy yellow in your home. This will add joy to your home. No need to hesitate because this yellow daisy has an easy planting method and is completely maintenance-free. Another good thing about growing these...

croton varieties

Get to Know Croton Varieties and Their Care

There are various kinds of croton varieties that you can plant as ornamental plants for your room or as a complement to your garden. Each variety has a different feel. Some come in green, red, pink, orange, bronze, yellow, and purple. This tropical plant comes in more than 100 varieties that you can choose from....

coral honeysuckle

Complete Information About Coral Honeysuckle

Coral honeysuckle or Lonicera sempervirens is a vine that has beautiful flowers. Although it doesn’t have the scent of other flowers, this plant from the United States has flowers that are suitable as a cover for your trellis and fence. Find out more about coral honeysuckle and how to plant and care for it. Knowing...

coneflowers colors

Beautiful Coneflowers Colors of Every Type

Coneflowers colors vary depending on what type you grow them. This flower known as Echinacea at a glance has a flower shape that resembles a daisy. Behind these various colors, who would have thought that coneflowers are included in the type of aromatic herbs. Besides having beautiful colors, these flowers are easy to care for....

chrsitmas cactus soil

Christmas Cactus Soil Requirements-How to Make The Right Soil Mix

Christmas cactus soil – When you hear the word cactus, you might think and imagine it as a thorny desert plant. However, there are types of cacti that are far from your imagination. It is a Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii) that grows with beautiful brightly colored flowers ready to decorate your home. Just like cactus...