Can Cat Eat Watermelon?

cat cat eat watermelon

Yes, cats can eat watermelon! The fruit is not toxic for them and can be a fun occasional treat. However, watermelon isn’t essential to their diet. So, they only eat it sometimes, and we’d recommend offering them one or two small pieces at most. It is also important to only give your cat the flesh … Read more

Can Cat Eat Sardines?

can cat eat sardinas

Cats are instinctively drawn to the smell of sardines. The rich calorie-filled fish is often recommended as bait for trapping feral cats. Sardines are a healthy, delicious treat for your cats. Besides the great taste, sardines also contain essential omega-3 fatty acids that help with the immune system and prevent heart disease.There are times when … Read more

Can Cat Eat Olives? Vet’s Opinon

cat and olive

Olives are a known cat treat because they contain a compound that cats love–isoprenoids. They trigger the cat’s vomeronasal organ, and make them frisky just like catnip! Eat green olives in moderation. It’s okay if you eat a couple of them per week, but only as much as one or two at a time. Don’t … Read more