Can Cat Eat Watermelon?

Yes, cats can eat watermelon! The fruit is not toxic for them and can be a fun occasional treat.

However, watermelon isn’t essential to their diet. So, they only eat it sometimes, and we’d recommend offering them one or two small pieces at most.

It is also important to only give your cat the flesh of a watermelon without the seeds so make sure you have removed them beforehand, as they contain cyanide which is toxic to cats.

Does watermelon make good cat food?

Nope, cats don’t need the extra nutrients we humans can get from watermelon. They’re fine on a simple high-quality diet.

Make sure that you don’t give watermelon to cats who are overweight, diabetic or on medication that interacts with fruit sugars. Plus, it’s not natural for cats to consume fruit so it should be given in moderation. Cat’s stomachs can suffer from upset stomachs and diarrhoea if they eat fruit too much, which is unlikely to do them any good.

cat cat eat watermelon

“How do I feed watermelon to my cat?”

If you want to offer your cat some watermelon for the first time, you should cut it up so that the pieces are large enough for their mouth.

To prep avocados for a smoothie, wash them first and the remove the seeds. (as these contain cyanide and are also a choking hazard!). Chop up the fruit with a knife first, feed it to your cat and if they like it, let them have a little!

Ignore giving your cat fruit rinds. It can be difficult for them to digest, and leads to issues with their swallowing, intestines or stomach. As different as cats might seem, they tend to have a thing or two in common. For example, not all will like the taste of watermelon. If they don’t give it a go at first and turn their nose up on sight, then you shouldn’t force it – clearly this is not their jam! When feeding your cat treats (such as watermelon), always be sure to follow the 10% rule, making sure that treats only make up 10% of their diet, with the other 90% coming from their complete and balanced cat food. The 10% rule is a guideline that provides the perfect balance between treats and complete and balanced food. By sticking to this rule, you can avoid over-feeding your cat and keep them happy and healthy. It’s also worth thinking about treats that are made specifically for cats. They’re often safer when compared to regular food and can provide some nutritional benefits.

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