Bird Ornaments to Celebrate Your Christmas

bird ornaments

Entering December, decorating your living room for Christmas celebrations with bird ornaments can be the most enjoyable moment. Especially if the complementary ornaments are made homemade with your children and other family members, of course, it will be more meaningful.

For more fun Christmas inspiration, here we provide some examples of bird ornaments that you can make with your family.

Bird Ornaments from Birdseed

Bird Ornaments from Birdseed

Christmas is the perfect time to share gifts.

Not only with relatives, your furry friends who live outside will also be happy if you give them a gift.

You can hang the birdseed that you make into bird ornaments on the pine tree on the outside of your yard.

This will make the birds flock around your yard and make your Christmas more festive.

While making Christmas cakes with your beloved children, take a little time to make bird ornaments from this birdseed.

It’s quite easy to make, you only need various ingredients such as ½ cup water, 3 tsp unflavored gelatin, 3 tbsp corn syrup, cup flour, and 4 cups birdseed.

To put it all together, you just need to use gelatin.

How to make:

This method is a commonly used method, you can also make modifications or larger batches according to your wishes.

After preparing the ingredients, heat the water, gelatin, and corn syrup in a saucepan over low heat.

Just make them hot, no need to boil.

Then, mix the flour and birdseed together and slowly add them to the gelatin mixture.

When everything is well mixed, allow it to cool.

While everything is chilling, place parchment paper or aluminum foil on the counter, and take a bird-shaped mold, and grease it with oil.

It should be noted, the selection of this bird-shaped print is solely to attract more birds’ attention.

You can use any other shape print you have at home.

Spray the bird print with the gelatin mixture, pressing a little to make it more glue.

A few tips, you can make a hole in the middle so that the bird can more easily stand on the bird ornaments.

Continue again, use a toothpick to make a hole in the bird ornaments as a place to hang the rope.

After that, remove it from the mold and let it dry for a few hours.

After drying, attach a ribbon or rope and then hang it on a pine tree in your yard.

Bird Ornaments from Origami Paper

Bird Ornaments from Origami Paper

For your information, origami is an art of paper folding which generally uses square-shaped paper.

This term originated in Japan which later became commonly mentioned throughout the world.

In fact, the art of paper folding or origami has been integrated into the curriculum for children in primary schools in several countries.

Making origami a child’s curriculum is not without reason.

Origami is considered able to help develop children’s motor skills and patience and improve children’s memory and concentration.

For that, let’s make bird ornaments in a fun way while developing children’s motor skills.

Before making bird ornaments from origami paper, of course, you have to prepare colorful origami paper first.

The bright colors in origami will make your child more enthusiastic to follow you in making bird ornaments.

Unlike the bird ornaments made of birdseed earlier, the bird ornaments made of origami paper are used as decoration only.

You can hang it on the wall or on your Christmas tree.

How to make:

The first step, fold the origami diagonally symmetrically to form a large triangle and then fold it again in the same way symmetrically to form a smaller triangle.

After that, unfold the small triangle so that the larger triangle appears again and position the top of the triangle downwards.

On both sides, fold the edge of the left side until it reaches the top of the triangle, and do the same on the right side until you get a diamond shape.

After that, a vertical crease will appear in the middle and make sure the ends are open at the bottom.

Fold the right and left edges to the center crease and then unfold the fold again to form a diamond.

Pull one layer up from the bottom, along the crease you just made, pushing the left and right edges inward, and do so on both sides to form a longer diamond.

Fold the other side to form an even smaller diamond, and insert the bottom left paper diagonally towards the top left.

Again do the same with the right side, then pull the wingtip open.

Bird ornaments from origami are ready, you can make as many as you want and arrange them according to your wishes

Birdcage Ornaments

Birdcage Ornaments

It’s not complete to make bird ornaments without a cage.

Actually, you can make this birdcage ornament as a decoration for your home without adding bird ornaments to it.

Making bird cage ornaments is more directed to the use of bird cages that you may have at home and are not used.

Decorating a house with birdcage ornaments can give a more natural impression, so it is more suitable for those of you who like the rustic design style.

You can use the inspiration for these bird nest ornaments as chandeliers, plant cages, hanging pots, bookshelves, flower vases, and others.

From the many inspirations that you can make using this birdcage, here are examples.

Making Bird Cage Ornaments into Plant Pots

Recently, growing ornamental plants has become popular again.

Besides being able to cool the air around the house, caring for plants can also make your home more beautiful.

You can also use used bird nests to make a pot for your ornamental plants.

This will certainly make it more unique and trendy.

The trick is to prepare a birdcage (made of metal is better), potting mix planting media, coconut soy sheets, and plants.

Make sure the birdcage has been cleaned and color it according to the color you want and adjust it to the color of the plant.

Mix the potting mix with fertilizer and cover the bird’s cage with coconut coir sheets to prevent soil from falling.

After that, fill it with soil and carefully insert the plant, and hang your plant cage.

You can also decorate your backyard with bird ornaments at Christmas, there you can get other information about backyard roses.

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