Guide to Growing Plants in Big Pots

big pots

Big pots – Planting activities are being intensively carried out, especially after the order to do “Work From Home” where people are mostly doing their activities at home.

In growing plants, it takes several important components, one of which is a pot.

Selection of the right pot can optimize plant growth.

Therefore, it is important to know the right pot for your plants, both in terms of size and material used.

Big pots do look beautiful for your plants.

However, is it good for your plants? Check out a review of the use of large pots for plants below.

The Right Time to Move Plants To Big Pots

big pots

Plants will grow over time after all the care you have done.

As plants grow larger, they also need larger containers or pots.

Your plants will give signs that they need a bigger pot.

Among them are when roots have grown from the bottom of the pot, a root ball is formed, when they need more water, and when the plant is no longer able to grow because there is no space.

When going to move your plant to a larger pot, make sure you choose the right pot.

If you do overpotting (a term used for plants grown in pots that are too large), it can cause overwatering.

This overwatering condition can lead to mold growth, as well as rotting of roots and plants.

Fill For Your Big Pots

big pots

We recommend using a high-quality potting mix to fill the bottom of big pots.

Use of garden soil is usually contaminated with weeds and other substances that can inhibit the growth of your plants.

Garden soil is also denser and heavier, doesn’t drain water well, and doesn’t provide proper aeration.

Make sure your big pots have drainage holes to drain excess water when watering.

Some people may recommend that you add a layer of gravel to the bottom of the container.

However, we advise you not to do so as they will only make the soil too wet.

A little tip, if you fill your big pots, you should do it directly on location, so you don’t have to move it after you finish planting.

Ornamental Plants Suitable For Big Pots

big pots

Here are some types of ornamental plants that are suitable to be planted in big pots.

1. Anthurium

The first ornamental plant suitable for planting in big pots is anthurium.

Anthurium has a characteristic and uniqueness that lies in its leaves, namely the leaves are wide and wavy.

This type of ornamental plant does grow big, so it is very suitable to be planted in big pots.

The bigger and more beautiful the leaves have, the higher the green leafy plants are hunted.

2. Calladium

big pots

Just like Anthurium, Calladium is also famous for its beautiful leaves.

There are several types of Calladium that can grow large that come with beautiful and attractive colors.

One type of Calladium that can grow large is Fannie Munson which can grow to a height of 70 cm.

In addition to its size that is suitable for planting in big pots, this type of Calladium also has very beautiful red leaves.

3. Palm

Palms are the next type of ornamental plant that is suitable for planting in big pots.

These plants can grow to a height of 60 cm in pots but if they continue to grow, it is recommended that you transplant the palms outdoors.

Besides having a beautiful appearance, planting palm trees around the house also has several benefits.

These benefits include being able to moisturize the house and can absorb pollutants.

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4. Yellow Bamboo

As the name implies, the yellow bamboo plant has a striking yellow color but with a slimmer size compared to bamboo in general.

Planting them in big pots and placing them in the corner of the house can beautify the interior and exterior decoration of your home.

Generally, these yellow bamboo plants are planted in large numbers so that they look like curtains when they have grown big.

5. Cordyline Australis

big pots

Another ornamental plant that is suitable to be planted in big pots is Cordyline australis.

Its long and strong stems are perfect for big pots.

Cordyline australis also has green leaves with a fine and thin texture that can grow long which will be more beautiful when it is denser.

Tips for Planting Using Big Pots

big pots

1. Decide Where to Place the Pot

Before you start filling your big pots, you should make a firm decision on where you want to place them.

This is done, so you don’t have to bother moving your big pots.

We know how it feels, and it’s really heavy.

2. Don’t Fill the Entire Pot

When you plant shallow or medium-sized plants, do not fill the entire pot with soil.

Instead, only fill your big pots with 1/3 of the soil.

Then, the other 2/3 fill with other ingredients such as non-organic ingredients.

We recommend covering whatever material you are using with a piece of landscape cloth as a filter.

Landscape fabrics are better able to drain water while keeping the soil on top of the filler.

3. Choose a Sturdy Pot

big pots

In addition to choosing the right type of plant, choosing the right type of pot is also important for you to do.

If you are going to grow plants that are quite heavy, you should choose sturdy big pots made of clay, or ceramic.

This is done to avoid the occurrence of somersaults due to the size of the pot and the plant is not balanced.

Unless you are going to grow plants that are quite light, you can use pots made of other lightweight materials such as plastic.

To determine the balance, make sure the bottom of the pot is almost as big as the top of the pot.

4. No Need to Change Soil

This is one of the advantages of using big pots.

You don’t have to change all the soil every few years when you plant a large plant as you usually do when growing plants in smaller pots.

Instead, remove the old topsoil and then add new soil with a time-release fertilizer every year.

Also, keep the soil level and depth the same as before so that the soil does not cover deeper roots or stems.

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