Backyard Roses – Important Thing in Planting

backyard roses

Planting Backyard roses is one of the most popular because it can provide a capable beauty for the home.

Flowers belonging to the genus Rosa are widely chosen because they have a beautiful appearance and can provide a fragrant aroma even though they have many thorns on the stem.

Besides being famous as a symbol of love and affection, it turns out that roses also have a variety of meanings based on their color.

Meaning of Roses

Meaning of Roses

The following is the meaning of roses based on their color.

Red roses (Rosa Centifolia)

Being the most popular type of rose, red roses have the meaning of deep feelings, or emotions in the form of love, longing, regret, or hope.

No wonder this type of rose is widely used as a symbol to show his love.

In addition, red roses are also often used by people to convey their respect, admiration, or devotion.

Yellow roses (Rosa Foetida Perciana)

Slightly different from red roses which symbolize the love between loved ones, yellow roses symbolize love and care for friends.

Yellow roses symbolize feelings of joy, warmth, care, and friendship.

White rose (Rosa Alba)

White roses are interpreted as something holy, pure, peaceful, and sincere.

This type of rose is generally used to convey sympathy or humility and to indicate spirituality.

Pink roses (Rosa Felicia)

This type of rose is no less beautiful and romantic than red roses.

Pink roses symbolize love that is blooming or feelings that are blooming.

This flower is suitable to be given to women who have tenderness and high sensitivity when the love affair is warm.

Black rose (Ningrum Rosis)

Unlike other types of roses that have bright colors, this rose has a color that tends to be darker.

Similarly, the meaning of the black rose expresses sadness, mourning, or major change.

Even so, this rare type of rose also symbolizes something positive, namely a resurrection and the birth of a new era that can bring hope and courage.

How to Plant Backyard Roses

How to Plant Backyard Roses

Roses can indeed grow well in pots and in open fields.

Before trying to grow roses, it’s good to know some tips and tricks for growing roses that are right so that they can grow well.

Choose the right type of rose

It is known that there are more than 150 species of roses in the world.

Of the many types of roses, choose the one that best suits your environment because they have different characteristics.

Types of ground cover roses, miniature roses, patio roses, and polyantha roses are types of roses that are suitable for planting in pots.

Choose the appropriate pot

For roses, many experts recommend pots that are relatively large and tall because roses bring down deep roots.

Pots with a diameter of not less than 15 inches can be the right choice.

In addition, the use of clay pots is also recommended because they do not make the soil heat up faster.

Make sure the pot has adequate drainage holes in the bottom, then place medium-sized gravel in the bottom of the pot 1 inch deep.

Prepare the planting media

Planting media has a very important role in terms of planting flowers because it will be a place for roots to grow and find food.

Therefore, choose a soil that has a balance that is not too moist nor too fast drying.

A good planting medium for roses is a mixture of commercial potting soil, garden compost soil, and manure compost in a ratio of 1:1:1.

Plant roses

Fill the pot with the planting media mixture that was made earlier.

Then make the soil surface parallel to the shoot where the rose is grafted to the rootstock.

Next, fill the pot with soil up to the top and place it in a location that gets direct sunlight.

For planting lots of backyard roses, space the roses about 2 feet from each other to ensure they get good air circulation.

Take good care

Good care for roses is to do watering with enough water and not too much so that the water does not remember and make the rose roots rot.

Then, do pruning on the leaves and twigs that are rotten and dry regularly at an angle of 45 degrees upwards.

Also, spray pesticides 1-2 times a month consistently so that backyard roses are protected from pests.

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Benefits of Planting Roses in the Backyard

Benefits of Planting Roses in the Backyard

Besides being able to beautify your backyard roses, planting roses turns out to have many benefits.

Here are the benefits that you will get by planting roses.

Medicine raw materials

Currently, many researchers have revealed the health benefits of roses.

Therefore, roses are widely used as medicinal ingredients, be they for chemical drugs or herbal medicines.

Roses are believed to be able to relieve headaches, maintain the digestive system, be able to nourish the eyes, increase the immune system, to be able to lose weight.

Raw materials for skincare

The next benefit of roses may have been widely known by people.

This rose is widely used as a raw material for making skincare.

The natural ingredients in roses are believed to be efficacious for treating acne, moisturizing facial skin, brightening lip color, and being able to overcome inflammation of the skin.

Rose water is one of the most used skin care products by women.

This is because it is believed to be able to inhibit premature aging.

Raw material for making perfume

Roses are one type of flower that has a fragrant aroma so that it is widely used as an ingredient for making fragrances such as perfume.

The perfume produced from this rose will have a fragrant aroma with a sensual, soft, and feminine impression.

Rose oil is considered an important and premium ingredient in the perfume industry.

Served with groceries

Roses are flowers that are included in the type of edible flower.

However, not all of its parts are edible.

It can be eaten only the petals and seeds.

Rose seeds are usually processed into marmalade, syrup, jelly, and jam.

While the petals are widely used as a mixture of dishes, for example in desserts such as sponge cakes and puddings.

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