Aero Garden Guide for Beginners and Its Benefits

aero garden

In addition to hydroponics, there is the latest method in the world of agriculture, namely the aero garden.

Aero garden is a new method in agriculture that refers to the agricultural practice of growing plants on a owater-based solution that is rich in nutrients.

There are also several other supporting materials that help support the plant’s root system, namely rock wool, peat moss, and per lite as a soil substitute.

Aero garden can make all the plants you grow including vegetables and flowers very easy.

About Aero Garden

aero garden

Aero garden is a machine produced by one company that allows you to plant several types of plants at one time.

Another great thing about this aero garden is that it allows plants to grow at a rate 5 times faster than those grown with conventional methods.

This is the right solution for those of you who want to find an easy and fast indoor garden solution.

It is because aero garden prioritizes ease of use.

They have come with a complete kit including seed pods, plant spacers, grow baskets, and garden shears.

It comes with the convenience of farming where you only need to put seed pot equipment, water, and plant food into it.

With some care, the seeds you plant will grow well and are ready for you to use right away.

They can work well without the help of the sun.

You may be impressed with this one machine.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Aero Garden

aero garden

There are several advantages of gardening by using this aero garden.

– Plants can grow at a very high rate and are healthier because they have easier access to nutrients.

– Uses less water compared to growing plants directly from the ground because it is done indoors.

It can prevent water loss through evaporation.

– Can reduce environmental pollution because it is more closed and no solution reaches the ground.

– The kit does not take up much space due to its small size and is available in the market making it easier to obtain.

– Unlike the usual planting method, planting with an aero garden is more dirt-free.

– You can harvest all year round regardless of the season.

– Almost all types of herbs, vegetables, and flowers can be grown using an aero garden.

– You can grow several types of fruits that have small fruits such as tomatoes, peppers, even strawberries by adding a specially designed planting bowl.

– Variable plant growth can be easily controlled and monitored.

While they have many advantages, they also come with some disadvantages.

In addition to being a very expensive farming system, mechanical damage to an aero garden can cause huge losses.

For example, if there is a problem with the pump and water circulation, the plant can dry out in just a few hours.

Gardening with an aero garden can be very tedious as you need to check the pH levels and nutrients your plants need regularly.

This is because it not use acidic potting soil, water only.

That way, managing the park is quite time-consuming.

Growing Plants with Aero Garden

aero garden

When growing plants using an aero garden, there are some tips and tricks you can do.

• Plant together

With an aero garden, you have to plant the seeds at the same time to ensure the plants can grow at the same height to get enough light.

If the plants you are growing at different heights at the same time, that means you will have to prune the taller ones more often.

Another advantage of this aero garden is that you can plant different types of plants together.

This is because the aero garden kit is equipped with a number of pods with spacers that allow you to plant several types of plants.

In addition, the kit also contains several items such as pods, grow baskets, and garden shears.

• Choose the type of plant carefully

One of the basic tips that you need to know in planting using the aero garden method is to avoid planting large plants.

If you have already planted them, immediately transplant them when they have outgrown the room.

Also, choose seeds of good quality so that they can produce well.

• Perform root cutting

aero garden

Cut the roots of the plant regularly.

This pruning is done so that the roots do not grow into unnecessary areas, as well as to avoid pump failure.

Simply leave the pods empty to avoid overcrowding and allow the plant to grow undisturbed.

• Avoid using plastic domes

In the hydroponic growing method, plastic domes are indeed useful.

However, in the aero garden method, the use of plastic domes is not recommended.

The plastic dome itself is useful for providing more moisture for plants, but the aero garden has provided enough moisture so this is not needed.

Precisely the use of a plastic dome in an aero garden will be able to cause the growth of fungi and diseases.

• Change the water regularly

Changing the water regularly every few weeks can eliminate fungus and disease-causing bacteria.

As long as the plant is fresh, simply clean and disinfect the system.

When changing water, be sure to use tap and distilled water instead of well water.

Well, water generally contains sodium ions which are not good for plants.

Instead, add a hydroponic pH solution to lower the pH level of the water.

As for refilling water, make sure to always fill the line at all times and turn off the pump when refilling water.

• Prune plants

With an aero garden, pruning should still be done regularly starting early.

Perform horizontal pruning that does not exceed 1/3 of the plant to prevent overcrowding, as well as light blockage.

This pruning is done to extend the life of the plants, and so that they can grow faster and healthier.

• Lamp

The aero garden kit is also equipped with LED Grow lights.

We recommend that you replace the lights every 6 months so that the lighting on the plants is not hampered.

You can also make lamp modifications to save money.

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