Mum Flower Colors

Mum flower, more commonly known as Chrysanthemum, is suitable for every occasion since they bloom mostly around the fall and definitely not hard to find. These Chrysanthemums can be found anywhere in the world and can be seen on almost every garden because of its very popular attractiveness and at the same time, its ability to just blossom anywhere without any specific help.

These Mum flower or Chrysanthemums can also range from a variety of colors that can surely brighten a person’s day, those color mixes can be very useful especially for parties that require a certain “theme” the variety of colors it offers can certainly match the theme of the event, and these are perfect for every wedding, birthdays, and anniversaries. Mum flower are actually very easy to set up and easy to polish as well.

Different kinds of Mum flower

Aside from the variety in color, there are different kinds of mum flower to choose from when you are trying to design an event, there are a wide selection of Chrysanthemum families for you to look at in order to match the specific theme you want for your desired occasion, having these flowers instead of the more expensive one’s are very much more practical because, aside from the fact that they are everywhere, they are also very affordable while being elegant, and also the best thing about it is that  if you are patient enough and have a little bit more time to spare, you can grow them yourself! These flowers would always look good in your garden and would always look timeless and beautiful no matter what the case maybe, so there is no doubt that it would be the best option to consider for any person out there whose planning on delivering the most beautiful set of flower arrangement they can think of, they work well with the environment, easy to take care of, and lastly, would last more than those of the other kinds of flowers who basically just wilts away after a couple of hours. Aside from it being very useful for designing things, they also are actually very beneficial to people health wise.

Different Colors of Mum flower

It is a sure sign that Autumn is just around the corner when these blazing beauties arrive in garden centers around the nation. The first rule of thumb is to pick a sunny and well drained location. They also like to be kept moist but not soggy. Once you have a location chosen work peat moss, manure or compost down into the soil about six inches. Most of today’s mums that are purchased in garden centers do not require the pinching that older varieties do.  The plants must be pinched no later than July 4th or you will risk pinching off your developing flower buds.  Choosing the flowers themselves.  The range of colors goes from whites and creams, to yellow, oranges, bronzes, reds, purples, pinks and bicolors.


Minnwhite: low growing, early blooming two inch flowers
Snowsota: low growing, mid season blooming one and a half inch flowers
Snowscape: low growing, early blooming three inch flowers
Mellow Moon: medium growing, early blooming four and a half inch blooms


Target: low growing, long blooming two inch flowers
Centennial Sun: medium growing, early blooming one and a half inch blooms
Golden Star: medium growing, early blooming, single spoon flower
Minnyellow: low growing, late blooming two inch flowers


Autumn Fire: tall growing, late blooming three and a half inch flowers
Burnt Copper: tall growing, mid blooming, three inch flowers
Inca: low growing, early blooming two inch button flowers


Zonta: medium growing, mid blooming two and a half inch pompom flowers
MinnAutumn: low growing, midseason blooming two and a half inch formal form flowers
Gold Country: tall growing, mid blooming four inch flowers

REDmum flower CHRYSANTHEMUM colors

Gypsy Wine: low growing, early blooming two inch pompom flowers with a scent
Maroon Pride: tall growing, mid blooming three inch shaggy blooms
MinnRuby: low growing, mid blooming two and a half inch pompom flowers
Betty Lou Maxi-Mum (TM): tall growing, mid blooming two and a half inch button blooms


Clara Curtis: tall growing, very early blooming daisy like flowers Sheffield Pink: tall growing, midseason daisy like blooms  It is essential that you not only refrain from cutting back the dead growth until spring but they must also be mulched.

Following these simple tips will ensure a beautiful blazing fall display year after year after summer blooms fade.

Mums flower… come add color to your mundane existence

Mums an exclusive autumn bloom is an impressive one adding splendor to any garden. Their tight, mounded habit coupled with its fresh fragrance is best for mass planting. It is a common flower used by almost all gardeners to fill in the gaps between the bigger plants and trees in a regular garden setup. One of its unique features being that, many shapes and imagery can be built using these mums. It is usually advised to stick to one or two colors, to enjoy the multi dimensional effect of this flower. The contemporary restaurants and hotels choose suitable mums according to their color preference and location requirement, thus enhancing its décor. They easily get enmeshed with the surrounding environment, beautifying it automatically. Its pleasant essence and light fragrance is wholeheartedly welcomed.

The golden yellow mum originating from China is mother to both the florist as well as the hardy mums. Several hybrids are now increasingly becoming popular, a cross between parent species from China and Japan. Decorative, pompom, daisy, spoon, Anemones, semi double and single quilled are the different forms well liked world over.

Chrysanthemum, the scientific name for mums is best when planted in spring. An array of colored mums is available world over; yellow, bronze, white, off-white, gold, pink, lavender, burgundy, purple and red. These are short plants that can only grow up to 2-3 feet above ground level, mostly grown in planting zones 3-9. Mums demand full sun and well drained soil with additional fertilizers and compost. The highly resorted flower is photo-periodic, so one must avoid planting it near street lights, night lights or any other forms of artificial lighting as this may alter the flower’s natural cycle. The shallow roots require well watered arrangement. Care must also be taken that the spacing is such that enough air is available for proper circulation ensuring healthy growth. Special attention is needed during the winter months; micro climate to shelter the plant from the harsh winter wind is advisable. Insects and bugs generally do not pose a threat, an added reason why these plants are preferred for regular use, though Aphids may nest in the leaves in the fall. Regularly spraying insecticides or insecticidal soaps solves the problem in a jiffy.  A herbaceous perennial demand daily attention, a small cost needs to be paid for the major difference the flower brings to its immediate surroundings.

Pinching is a vital process that enables the uniform maintenance of the plant size, giving it the bushy look and flamboyant décor. Mums are no doubt the darlings of the florists, as they complete any flower arrangement, be it for community functions or other gatherings. This flower is highly favored by the upper class house owners, as they prove to be the cost efficient means of furnishing their apartments or offices, granting a touch of elegance and exquisiteness. Elaborate wedding decoration also includes these lovely flowers as from the bride to guests… all appreciate the aesthetic essence of flowers.

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