How To Prepare Bromeliad Soil

First thing that we’re going to do is prepare our Vermillion mixture we recommend a mixture of half mulch cypress mulch eucalyptus mulch any type will work and half standard potting soil which you can buy it at your local gardening store. Compose usually a peat moss and perlite and some pumice mix a little bit of both and do a larger container at equal parts one-to-one and mix it together the mulch add some organic material which breaks down but also allows lots of airflow within for good root growth on. Vermillion the potting soil acts as a stabilizer to hold the plant into the mixture better there we have a perfect mix.

How To Make Bromeliad Soil

Also you can use this recipe:

Roughly two to one mixture of the two ingredients so we’re going to be doing two parts of the furberg and one part of the potting soil so you’re going to just take normal cup or I should say four inch pot and you’re just going to be applying them in an equal part so two parts of that and then one part of your potting soil. Once you have your so all mixed together it should  be something that’s really porous lots of air circulation. You’ll see there will be bits of perlite and peat moss in this from the potting soil which is good for the good for the roots to anchor in and because they’re an epiphyte they need lots of air in their soil because they’re apathetic which means they grow in the trees and this just creates a similar environment to what that would be.

So this will be the optimal soil you will have for your bromeliad.



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